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    This is like porn to me.

    i’m aroused. 

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    Breaking news: White fuckboys on twitter bitching how funny it is that Beyoncé is a feminist when she and her dancers were provocative and half naked. Despite feminism being about empowerment and a woman’s right to do whatever the hell she pleases with it, they just don’t seem to be able to grasp this concept.

    In other news, men still don’t know what feminism is, still bitter that they aren’t Beyoncé and still making themselves look like asses on the internet.

    And now the weather.

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  5. I can’t stress how important this knowledge is. Once I realised that I chose whether someone’s negative vibes affected me (hell, even my own negativity), I found that life is a lot easier.

    I used to drown in negativity, in a downwards spiral until I didn’t see any light in life and I didn’t see the purpose of life anymore. My therapist then taught me this, and it changed my life completely.

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  7. Uzo Aduba attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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  8. Samira Wiley at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014

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    want this moment burned on my eyelids

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